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Interactive Prayer

Yesterday I received an email from a woman named Martha in Washington state who wrote that recently she was in a study group at church.  Here’s what she wrote: In response to a chapter our pastor asked us what our … Continue reading

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Aunt Josie’s Latest Healing

  My Aunt Josie called me from Pumpkintown, S.C. yesterday morning.  I was surprised to hear her energetic and cheerful voice at that hour of the morning since she’d recently been hospitalized with fluid on her lungs and signs seemed … Continue reading

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What Makes Us Happy? Being Able to Choose

I recently read a newspaper article that reported that research institutes are beginning to study happiness.  Run Veenhoven, who created the World Database of Happiness in 1999, says, “In much the same way that research of consumer unions helps you … Continue reading

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Finding “The One” to Marry

A young man recently wrote me a long letter telling me that he’d met a woman who seemed like “the one.”   The young man had been disappointed in love many times before and I read between the lines that he … Continue reading

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Mountain Moving Faith

Here’s the Daily Guideposts entry that I mentioned in my previous blog about our son, Chris being deployed to Afghanistan several years ago.  It ran on June 4, 2007.  To find out more about Daily Guideposts visit      Scripture:  … Continue reading

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Meeting a Daily Guideposts Reader at the Post Office

Yesterday I was in a U.S. Post office substation in a Hallmark store mailing some packages of Personal Prayer Power DVDs and guidebooks when the woman behind the counter saw my return address and said, “Are you Karen Barber, the Daily … Continue reading

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Crisis Praying

A reader recently emailed me about her worries and fears for her grown son.  I’ve struggled against fear myself, especially when my elderly father seemed to have lost his will to live.  One thing that I’ve  discovered is that facts … Continue reading

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The Mystery Packet of Scriptures

     After my story “A Mother’s Mission” was published in the July issue of Guideposts I received a brown envelope containing several letter sized envelopes full of printed Bible verses.  Unfortunately, somehow the original envelope identifying who sent the packet … Continue reading

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Prayer Turns Fear to Courage

Guideposts Magazine recently forwarded a padded envelope to me from reader named Beverly Heritage from Carmichael, California.  Inside was a wonderful treasure.  It’s a small navy blue book Strength for Service to God and Country published by Abingdon-Cokesbury Press in … Continue reading

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When Our Loved Ones Are in a Crisis We Can’t Change

      Recently I received two different emails from parents who were feeling great pain and sorrow over their grown children’s situations.  One was from a mother whose son had been unexpectedly deployed to Iraq for 18 months leaving … Continue reading

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