Pleasing Babies and Pleasing God

I’ve only been grand-parenting for 7 weeks now but baby Kendall has already gotten me hooked on the compulsion to try and please the little one.

My daughter-in-law Leah and 7 week old Kendall recently spent several nights with us while our son Jeff was at a mountain bike convention out West. I’d forgotten how babies this age need round the clock attention. They eat, sleep and need their diapers changed often and you never know exactly when any of it will occur. Leah is nursing and hasn’t had a full night’s sleep in ages. So I eased into the role of trying to keep Kendall from fussing between feedings and naps.

The craziest things please babies. In Kendall’s case, it’s being carried up and down the stairs. Over and over again. Jeff and Leah live in a one story house, and for some reason, me carrying Kendall up and down the stairs here quieted her down like magic as she turned her wobbly little neck to figure out this strange experience. Up the stairs. Down the stairs. I started counting each step out loud. 16. Then I paused on each step, said the number and added a meow to the count. Then I went back up adding a stairway full of “woofs” to the numbers. One time I got to the bottom on and the count was 17. Go figure.

But here’s something else I’d like to figure out. Why is it that the most exhausting thing you can do in a house – climbing steps – is the one thing Kendall liked? Why couldn’t she have picked rocking in a chair? But to please Kendall, I wore myself out going up and down the stairs until her little eyes got heavy and at last closed.

Maybe God wired us to try to please babies because He wants us to make the connection of wanting to please someone because we love them. In the same way, if we love God, we’ll try to please Him.

Yet the most amazing part of pleasing God is that He doesn’t always choose the stair climbing. More often He chooses the rocking chair. Most days all He wants is for us to simply spend time with Him in prayer, resting in who He is, communing, being together. We’re at peace like a baby in her mother’s arms. And God is pleased by our still and trusting heart.

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