My Morning Vision Walk

In my last blog I told how I have been praying my vision every morning on my daily prayer walk since February 29, 2000. The other morning I was driving off to help take care of my new grandbaby and (of course) happened to have my camera in the car. As I got to the stop sign where I’ve prayed that prayer for so long, the sun was rising and the ground was still wet from rain. I pulled my car over and got out to try and capture the beauty of the scene. Here’s what I saw.

These October days when I’m praying my vision, this stretch of the sidewalk looks very different from this photo. At 7 AM when I reach this spot it’s still quite dark and the last few stars are slowly fading away in the graying sky. I’ve walked this stretch of sidewalk in all seasons, in darkness and sunlight and rain and fog.

There’s something incredibly comforting about giving your prayers their own special spot to thrive and grow and become real along a pathway you often follow. Someday, maybe after I’ve added another ten years to my vision prayer I’ll stand here and say with awe and amazement, “This is where it all began.”
The Sidewalk Where I Pray My Vision

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