Lesson from the Triplets on My Vision Walk

I run into the triplets at their school bus stop many mornings on the vision part of my prayer walk. One minute I’m praying for someone with a vision for a comfort blanket ministry and the next minute I’m watching a private reality show starring six-year-old triplets and their sainted mom.

The triplets – two boys and a girl – started out the school year in August in a free-for-all of early morning mayhem as they pushed and jostled and protested, “I was here first!” trying to be first in line at the bus stop. I witnessed some amazing sprints on six year old legs from the garage door up the driveway to the bus stop with school bags bobbing like parachutes on their backs.

On one memorable day I was treated to a perfect ten performance of a defiant child. One little girl and one boy were standing sober as judges at the bus stop while Saint Mom dragged the final little boy up the driveway literally kicking and screaming. He was stiff legged, wailing, “No! I don’t want to go!” On that particular morning I believe I witnessed one of Saint Mom’s finest moments. The school bus pulled up. Kerplunk, Kerplunk. A little girl’s feet hit the high bus steps. Kerplunk, kerplunk. A little boy’s feet hit the high bus steps. Suddenly all sound was sucked out of the triplet who had been kicking and screaming. As he faced the inevitable yawning abyss of the open school bus door he felt his mother’s no-turning-back presence squarely behind him. “Oh,” his face read, “Other children on the bus are watching.” Kerplunk, kerplunk. He got on the bus without a further whimper.

The weather has changed and so have the triplets. Most days they actually walk to the bus stop. They stand in a 1-2-3 line ten feet back from where the bus halts. They do not budge from this spot until Saint Mom declares that the bus is at a complete stop and it is safe for them to file toward the door. Order has slowly been fashioned out of chaos.

I used to think that the triplets were an interruption to my vision prayers, but now I see that they’re really messengers. In my past blogs I mentioned my big vision I’ve been praying for 9 years. Sometimes things seem to be going way too slow and I want to run as fast as I can to get on the bus. Then I get discouraged. Isn’t it my turn to be the very first one in line? Other days, I’m back there kicking and screaming about doing the necessary nuts and bolts work that I hate doing. In the Kingdom of God, just like at bus stops, order and maturity matter. The key is to keep on growing one day and one prayer at a time.

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