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СеоHere’s a sample of one of our entries on “praying for needs” on our Prayer Ideas website that’s under construction.  We will have ideas on ways to pray for specific life needs as well as written prayers that will help you express your thoughts and feelings to God in prayer.

Praying to Forgive Other People – The 3- H method

The 3-H prayer method for forgiving other people is a mental prayer to use when we suddenly get  re-focused on bad feelings toward the person who hurt us.  The prayer is short and simple: “God hold it, handle it, heal it.”  This prayer works because our feelings don’t go away overnight.  Forgiveness is a long term process.  This prayer helps us turn our feelings over to God any time or anywhere they come back over us again.

How to do pray this way:

When to pray this: Any time, anywhere we suddenly re-feel how someone hurt us.  We can be miles away from the other person and suddenly, when we least expect it, we’re dwelling on our hurt, bad feelings, anger, etc. about what they’ve done to us.

Signs it’s time to pray “God hold it, handle it, heal it.”

We suddenly catch ourselves going over what happened to us at random times when our minds wander, like while we’re brushing our teeth.

We get angry about something else like traffic, and it triggers anger at the person.

When we see something that reminds us of the person or the event.

What each “H” can mean as you pray:

“Hold it”

We’re asking Jesus to bear the hurt we feel for us.  We can’t do it.

It’s a call for help for God to hold us back from acting on our day dreams of getting even.

“Handle it”

We let God handle the issues of justice and judgment. Everyone will face Him and give an accounting for their actions.

We are asking God to help us handle it, guiding how to act, including what to say or what not to say to others.  Bad-mouthing the person who wronged us doesn’t uplift us.

We are asking for a safe, healthy way to vent our very real emotions.

We are asking for step-by-step guidance on how to take positive action to prevent ourselves and others from becoming victims of the same hurt again.

“Heal it”

We are asking for God’s supernatural power to recover.

We begin on a healing path not by covering up our hurt, disappointment and anger but by honestly telling God about them so he can begin working.

We are choosing to focus on the positive energy of God, such as his truth, love, presence and perspective.

My personal experiences and tips:

I developed this prayer because of my resentment toward a nurse who I thought had neglected my father in a nursing home.  One morning I was brushing my hair as usual in my home a hundred and fifty miles away from a nursing home.  I wasn’t even thinking about the nurse consciously when I suddenly found myself looking into the mirror and mentally accusing the woman of neglect.  I felt as angry as I had the day I was in the nursing home dining room hearing her say things that sounded like lies.

I was stunned at how easily, with no apparent cause, I could be hit over the head with my anger and resentment.  It was like being ambushed by my own emotions.  Here I was at home reliving the whole experience, complete with the feelings of stress in the pit of my stomach!

Although I had prayed that God would help me forgive the nurse while sitting down in my regular prayer time, I realized that forgiving doesn’t take place when you’re saying the right religious words.  Instead it starts happening when you take your real emotions to God whenever they come to you.  I saw that I needed to develop an on-the-spot prayer that would give me a way to get my mind out of the negative cycle during the unexpectedly random times during the day when my anger came back to me.

In the Bible Peter asks Jesus how many times he should forgive.  “’Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me?  Up to seven times?’  Jesus answered, ‘I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.’” (Matthew 18:21,22 NIV)

Since we re-feel the hurt all over again in our minds, it’s like we need to re-forgive every time our mind gets focused on the person who hurt us.   We may need to pray this prayer over and over, but eventually if we do it enough, our minds and hearts will slowly get better.

It took half a year, but I finally got over my feelings toward the nurse.  There wasn’t one big dramatic moment when I felt like I was finally free.   Over time, my bad feelings, taken to God in prayer at the exact times when I started feeling them, just got less and less intense until they were gone.

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