Connecting with God Through Interactive Prayer

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Karen Barber

The story behind these photos

These photos were taken when our family room was turned into a movie set for the filming of Personal Prayer Power. I wanted the series filmed in our home to emphasize the personal nature of private prayer that takes place in our living rooms, kitchens and offices. Behind me, everything looks neat and orderly but what I saw when I looked past the camera was my whole house turned into a chaos of monitors, computers, microphones, cables and huge lights, some of which were set up out on the deck so they would shine through the windows.

Because a home isn't a sound stage, we had to become aware of the normal noises we take for granted. We made sure we turned off the heat, the refrigerator and unplugged the phone. During the shooting of one segment the beagle across the street treed a squirrel and went into a barking fit, during another a gang of loud and excited boys started jumping on the trampoline next door. Someone closed a door. Airplanes passed overhead. A big truck rumbled by.

Turning our home into a temporary studio was in itself a lesson in prayer. It takes determination to quiet down the normal chaos around us so we can hear God's still small voice.

About Karen Barber

Karen is the founder of Personal Prayer Power. She is also a Contributing Editor to Guideposts Magazine, and a popular author and speaker. Through her work with Guideposts Karen has encouraged and inspired millions of readers with true stories of how faith works in very practical ways.

Karen's book Surprised by Prayer is a treasury of real life answers to prayer and has sold over 35,000 copies in four different editions. Karen is also the author of Ready, Set... Wait which is a lifeline for those whose lives are on hold. Karen's work has been featured in "Angels on Earth" and Sweet Sixteen" magazines. She writes for the yearly devotional Daily Guideposts which has a print run of 750,000 copies.

Karen's husband Gordon is an executive with AT&T and they live in Alpharetta, Ga. They have three sons Jeff, Chris, and John.