Connecting with God Through Interactive Prayer

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About Personal Prayer Power

Personal Prayer Power mission statement

The mission of Personal Prayer Power is to change lives by enhancing and energizing the way individuals connect with God during private prayer. Our goal is to unite Biblical principles with personal experience to promote interactive prayer, helping prayer become "the place where things happen between God and me."
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Karen Barber

Karen is the founder of Personal Prayer Power. She is also a Contributing Editor to Guideposts Magazine, and a popular author and speaker. Through her work with Guideposts Karen has encouraged and inspired millions of readers with true stories of how faith works in very practical ways.
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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the Personal Prayer Power series?

Personal Prayer Power was created to help you connect more powerfully with God through interactive prayer. The series uses professionally produced DVDs that last 15-17 minutes, hands-on individual experiences using activities in the Action Guide and group discussion. You compare the true life stories and ideas shared by author Karen Barber in the DVDs with your own life. Next you try out new prayer ideas at home to see what works in your own unique life situations using activities from the Action Guide. Then you gather strength and encouragement from others by sharing in lively, thought-provoking group discussions outlined in the Leader's Guide in the back of the Action Guide.

2. Who is PPP designed for?

PPP is designed for you if you're interested in developing more dynamic private prayer times. It doesn't matter if you're new to prayer or if you've been praying for many years. Because the Action Guide focuses on your unique life experiences, there aren't any right or wrong answers. Everyone can enjoy a personalized experience on his or her own level. PPP is for you if you fit into any of these categories: Read more.