Connecting with God Through Interactive Prayer

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Disc 1: Finding God's Answers to Every Prayer

1. Interactive Prayer

Find out why our old arrow idea of how prayer works can discourage us by creating the feeling that our prayers are unanswered. Learn about the new steering wheel model where we interact with God and prayer becomes "the place where things happen between God and me."

2. Presence Answers

This begins our exploration of the three main categories of prayer answers by identifying action answers, which are resolutions to our problems and presence answers, which are God's responses that give us new strength by reminding us that He's there even when circumstances don't work out.

3. Word Answers

Learn how to find word answers which are replies from God that give us new ideas that we can act on to move forward. Uncover God's messages that come our way through outside sources and answering thoughts.

4. How Prayer Shapes the Future Part 1: Divine Intervention

Discover the three forces that shape our future - divine intervention, personal choice, and limiting forces. This session focuses on divine intervention and how we can become a conduit of the prayer of great possibility we haven't yet prayed.

5. How Prayer Shapes the Future Part 2: Choice and Limits

This session offers a simple Biblical choice point prayer that lets God in on the choices we're making. It then deals with the parts of our future beyond our control and how prayer can lead us into living productive, healthy lives within our limitations.

6. Crisis Praying

During a crisis we may be so overwhelmed and worn out that we can hardly pray rationally. Learn a way to enter into the comforting presence of Jesus by meditating on a Biblical picture of His presence.

Disc 2: Changing Your Life through Interactive Prayer

7. Prayer and Healing

By surveying a whole lifetime of different answers from the life of Sue Brown, Karen Barber's mother, we discover the great variety of answers that can come when we pray for healing. Answers range from sudden miraculous healings without medical intervention, the healing presence of love, to the healing possibilities of eternal life.

8. How Prayer Changes Attitudes

This is for all of us who have ever needed God's help in changing our hearts and minds, especially when it comes to forgiving those who have wronged us. It offers on-the-spot prayer techniques to use whenever feelings of hurt, fear and regret attack us.

9. Pathway Praying

Learn how to tap into the full power of the Twenty-first Century prayer trend of praying on-the go by developing a personal system that fits into our busy daily lives.

10. Stillness Praying

Often our minds wander during meditative prayer. Learn a simple Biblical prayer that will transform traditional quiet time prayer into a place of deep inner knowledge and connection to God.

11. How Prayer Creates Joy

This session begins by frankly talking about the opposite of joy: prayer and depression. It offers ways of praying that help us hang onto God even when we don't feel He's near. Next this session shows how to transform our times of praise into true experiences of thankfulness by focusing on tangible ways we see God all around us.