Connecting with God Through Interactive Prayer

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Promotional Materials

Video Promotions

A three minute promotional video featuring Karen Barber is included on both Disc 1 and Disc 2. This tells about the PPP series and the kinds of people who would benefit from participating. These promos can be used in small planning sessions and individual classrooms on standard T.V. screens and can also be shown on large video screens in sanctuaries and fellowship halls.

Ideas for showing the video promotion include at Wednesday night suppers, during announcement time in contemporary worship services, in individual Sunday School classrooms, in home group meetings and in church planning and staff meetings.

Newsletter Promotions

The following is an article carried in a church newsletter that may be copied and adapted to promote PPP:

Title: Personal Prayer Power Launches (Date and place)

You're invited to a new series designed especially for you if you're interested in having a more powerful connection with God in your private prayer time. Here's the type of people we're looking for: If you fit into any of these groups, Personal Prayer Power is for you. It's a 12 part series that uses ideas from the Bible, true life examples and your own personal experiences. There's a 15-17 minute video and an Action Guide you use at home to try new ideas. It's called and Action Guide because it's not a study where you have to fill in the blanks with facts. Instead you use your own life experiences, dreams and problems to answer the questions. Then you'll get together with your group and talk about what happened.

(Insert dates and sign up information)

The series was created by Karen Barber who is a Contributing Editor with Guideposts Magazine and the author of Surprised by Prayer and Ready, Set…Wait. While writing Surprised by Prayer Karen began an experiment to find and record 100 personal answers to prayer and today she has over 1,291 answers recorded. The series was filmed in Karen's home in keeping with the theme of personal prayer.

Bulletin Board Promotions

Concept: This bulletin board communicates the power of private, personal prayer and how it can change your life. It uses dimensionality and intriguing interaction by using cardboard doors that actually open to reveal more information about the program offered by the church.

Materials: Construction paper, poster paper, foam board, press-on letters, computer print-out graphics of figures praying, cardstock paper, wood grain contact paper, two inexpensive cabinet knobs, ribbons, staples, sturdy upholstery tacks, a small gift type bag and brochures.

General Directions:

Kneeling figures we printed these out on cardstock paper from the common clip art found in Microsoft Word. Other titles and words were also printed out on cardstock using a computer.

Doors were created by cutting foam board into three pieces – a back piece the size of both doors and two front pieces the size of each double door. Wood grain contact paper was then put onto the pieces and a small gap was left when applying the front doors to the back so the doors would have crease space with contact paper only so they would easily fold to open and close. A series of upholstery tacks were used to secure the door assembly to the bulletin board. The door knobs were created by using two inexpensive, light weight cabinet pulls. A hole was made through the foam board and the knob attached with the screw. (Note: the screw will be much longer than the thickness of the foam board and the knobs hang slightly unless you put extra foam board behind the knob area to make it thicker.) Inside the door write any information about the PPP program that's appropriate for your church. We used special stationary with an angel border to print out the information.

The House is made out of construction paper and poster board. To create three dimensional effects poster board strips were made for the window sashes and frames and the eaves. The strips were simply creased down the middle to make them three dimensional and stapled on one side only to allow them to stand up. The window sills were made by folding strips three times like an accordion to form a sill. The shutters were made by taking a strip of construction paper the same color as the basic shape of the shutter and doing an accordion type pleat by folding back and forth. These were then stapled to the shutters.

The Door Decorations were ribbons purchased at a discount store. They were used because this board was up during the Christmas season. The doors may be left plain or decorated for the season.

The Gift Bag was stapled firmly to the bulletin board and contained brochures about the PPP program.