Connecting with God Through Interactive Prayer

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Personal Prayer Power Disc 2

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Product description

Author: Karen Barber, Founder of Personal Prayer Power, Author of Surprised by Prayer and Contributing Editor to Guideposts Magazine.

Contents: 1- Personal Prayer Power DVD Disc 2: "Changing your life through interactive Prayer" Lessons 7 - 11

Availability: Beginning July 8, 2007

Description: This disc contains lessons 7-11 of Personal Prayer Power and is useful for groups who have finished Disc 1. Your group will learn how to find God's answers on topics such as healing and attitudes and how to find more time during busy schedules to pray. This disc is designed to be used with the Personal Prayer Power Action Guide.

ISBN number: 978-0-9797382-2-9

Publisher: Life Roads Media, Atlanta, GA

More information

DVD Descriptions and Content: Each lesson on this professionally produced dual layer DVD discs runs 15-17 minutes with a total play time of over 1 � hours and is packaged in a durable Amery case. Produced by Cinema Productions and filmed on location in Karen Barber's home.

Disc 2: "Changing Your Life Through Interactive Prayer" Lessons 7-11

7. Prayer and Healing
8. How Prayer Changes Attitudes
9. Pathway Praying
10. Stillness Praying
11. How Prayer Creates Joy

Catalogue Categories and Suggested Uses for this Product

Categories: Prayer, Christian Growth, Small Group Studies, Video Studies

Suggested Uses: Use after completing Personal Prayer Power Disc 1 in discussion groups, home groups, Bible study groups, prayer groups, men's groups, women's groups, Lenten studies and new member classes. Suitable for church libraries and media collections. The series may also be used by individuals and couples.