Connecting with God Through Interactive Prayer

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Personal Prayer Power Action Guide

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Product description

Author: Karen Barber, Founder of Personal Prayer Power, Author of Surprised by Prayer and Contributing Editor to Guideposts Magazine.

Contents: 11 Highly Interactive Participant Lessons plus a Leader's Guide containing 12 Group Meeting Lesson Plans.

Availability: Beginning July 23, 2007

Description: This Action Guide is designed to be used by participants with both Discs 1 and 2 of Personal Prayer Power and provides hands-on daily activities in personal prayer. The Resource section of this guidebook contains a Leader's Guide with step by step instructions on leading group discussions.

ISBN number: 978-0-9797382-3-7

Publisher: Life Roads Media, Atlanta, GA

More information

Action Guide Description and Contents: The Action Guide contains over 162 pages in an 8.5x11 perfect bound trade paper edition.

The Participant's Section of the Action Guide contains 11 lessons on the corresponding topics from the DVDs. Each lesson contains an outline of the main ideas shared on the DVDs and 5 different activities that encourage interacting with God through prayer using the individual's own experiences, dreams, disappointments and life challenges. These sections include:

Day 1: Rearview Mirror Asks four questions from the participant's past life experiences that explore the week's topic.

Day 2: Getting God's Directions Suggests trying a guidance related prayer question that promotes learning to hear God's responses to our prayers.

Day 3: Rest Stop Suggests a prayer activity that encourages feeling God's presence.

Day 4: Changing Direction Suggests a prayerful exploration of how to overcome a life challenge or a hurdle to prayer.

Day 5: Scripture Signposts Provides Scriptures on the week's topic and challenges participants to use one in a practical way in their life.

Postcards from the Scenic Route Poses a question or problem participants might have concerning personal prayer and gives insights using role models and Scriptures.

The Leader's Guide is located in the back of the Action Guide and contains step by step guidance and resources on how to lead a Personal Prayer Power group.
The Leader's Guide is included in the Participant Guide to facilitate the sharing of leadership within the group.

Catalogue Categories and Suggested Uses for this Product

Categories: Prayer, Christian Growth, Small Group Studies, Video Studies

Suggested Uses: For use with Personal Prayer Power Disc 1 and Disc 2 for discussion groups, home groups, Bible study groups, prayer groups, men's groups, women's groups, Lenten studies, new member classes. The series may also be used by individuals and couples.